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Smoky time in Vienna with Manuel, Bratislava express, Budapest with Barnabas, Stephane and his family, and Olivier following us like our Nowhere's coach! Samantha joining us also! Ozora, one week of intense training, partying and performing everyday with beautiful people! And the good old friends coming to join us for few weeks. Feels like we saw eachother yesterday!

I left the group for few days for a little adventure appart in Lost Theory. 1200km tramping across Croatia, alone. Meeting lovely human being and realizing that I can do things on my own.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group accidentely sneak out at the Croatian border on the Danube, and meet the Croatian cops for the first time. Super nice people, acting like friends. So finaly not so bad experience!

And we gathered again, Cecile, Lucas, Aude, Agathe, Victor, Marianne and us. 11 crazy hippies camping in the middle of nowhere, eating pancakes under the heavy rain. Powerfull energies flowing all around.

Last training in the forest before saying goodbye. See you tomorrow!

We are five again, walking in the forest, discovering how generous the Croatians are. One small village, 1kilo of apples, 1kilo of tomatoes, 4 biscuits boxes...!

Next village, Gunja, before the Bosnian border, we got stuck in a bar with a team of funky guys, who offers us everything, drinking, food, just because they are curious about us!

We end up at Nick's house, where we keep on getting drunk... And finaly go to sleep!

And now we are in Vrbanja. Had to make a U-turn, because looks like when you have a Europeen passport it is like multipass, but not for the brasilian... Samantha sent to the police station, waiting for hours, signing papers... We don't know what will happen next, but it is okay, the universe will decide our next destination!

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