Zagreb Bonus Level

We finaly all went to Zagreb, for Cirkobalkana Festival. They opened us the doors of their crazy trash circus in exchange of some help. So we helped for cooking, cleaning, and for Nicolas crazy gardening! In the mean time we participated to the acro workshop and trained for a little bit of money at the traffic lights! The end of the week arrived quite fast, with the first show of MyLaika circus, big party with too much rakia and all the team crazy fucked up!

And this is how we decided to stay one more week to play for the open stage at the end of the festival.

For the first time of our lives we organized quite easy and naturally, using what we started to work on during the acro workshop, MoiJe, Waiting day, et c'est normal. Voilà quoi.

Good energy all together, even if sometimes it was not easy to finally get together!

And yesterday we performed, one hour late, and it was not the best performance we did, probably a bit stressed, but it was okay for a first time! And the ambiance of the show was completely crazy! Now the festival come to its end, we put down the tent, people go back home, and we get ready to go back on the road. Samantha will go back to Switzerland for a while because of her blue passport which can not pass the Bosnian border. But she will join us again soon, for good!

And now the new plan is to cross Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia to get to Greece where we will probably stop for a long time, to build a sailing boat! But all this is future. Who knows where we are going to end up?!

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